Sunday, February 13, 2011

50% off sales -Myth or Real?

     Let's begin by saying that the truth is -that it is 50% off  "their" regular price BUT not another framers' price.  What those discounters charge for the exact same moulding for instance we may charge less for at the start.  Hobby Lobby charges $15.95 per foot for a moulding we sell at $9.95 per foot!  That is 60% higher than us. You might wonder then how do you know how to choose a framer based on a fair price?  At THE FRAME PLACE we strive to be fair with our prices and set them based on overhead costs, product costs and a fair wage for our skill, talent and unique experience.  We've been serving The Mohawk Valley for over 33 years!  That we've been here this long proves customers are satisfied not only with our quality but find us priced fairly.  In fact we have had customers tell us all the time our price is right down the middle.  Some have found our pricing lower than their previous framers.
    Right from the start you lose with the discounter all the 33 years experience and talent we have to offer. All the counter clerks combined don't have that.  You also don't get the same care as we independents give because it is our living and reputation on the line.  Counter help comes and goes at the craft stores and they are not as motivated to do the same level of quality as we are.  In short the old saying " you get what you pay for" is true and sometimes less!  You really may not pay more at THE FRAME PLACE but for sure you will get so much more from us.  More than your money's worth!
      Individual price quotes from several framers are not indicators of who is more expensive or has a better price. If those quotes are based on all different design options.  You can't compare random custom framing designs any more than comparing on price alone a fine automobile like a BMW and a KIA. A discount framer may as easily offer a more expensive design than us, and we a less expensive one.  It is only when you compare apples to apples can you judge price.  We can show you a thousand different combinations of frames and designs for the same picture and you will get a thousand different  prices.  No matter the price outcome you need to look at skill, talent, examples of the craftsmanship, ask questions about construction and archival methods and have confidence that the framer can be trusted with your valuables!

Choose based on who can trust and offer you the best framing at a price you can afford - something we work very hard to provide!  

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