Saturday, February 12, 2011

Shadowboxes are a Specialty of ours!

Tim's Cub Scout uniform
It doesn't get better than this!   
We Can Frame Anything!
is a slogan we have used for years.  We have the Ideas that bring life and meaning to all your memorabilia projects.  No two are alike but each has one thing in common, it is framed and preserved to last.  No hot glue, weird adhesives, staples etc., that will ruin the work. Only the most up to date "Archival Methods" are used.   Pleasing Design rules the day too.  Few other framers have our vision for good artistic design or have mastered the technique to do this level of framing well.  You can trust us to help you through the many choices of mat colors and frame styles that will best suit your taste and budget while enhancing your project the best!  Keep an eye on our blog as we share more examples with you in the future!

Check out more shadowbox ideas here.

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